How to do Medicine Marketing with or without Opening a Medicine Marketing Company?

How to do Medicine Marketing with or without Opening a Medicine Marketing Company?


How to do Medicine Marketing with or without Opening a Medicine Marketing Company?

When people think about medicine marketing, there are always two options. The first is to open a medicine marketing company, and another is taking a pharma franchise and start marketing medicines.

If you want to make a career in the field of marketing medicines but do not want to launch a marketing company, then the second option is more feasible and practical.

Both marketing methods have one thing in common, though. You need to take a wholesale drug license for yourself, or you have to use the license of a wholesaler or distributor.

In the case of franchise marketing, you can take your own license or appoint a pharma distributor or wholesaler to bill medicines.

Taking the path of starting a marketing medicine company

First, you have to take a drug license with the name from which you want to establish the business. The next step is to obtain drug license.

Optionally, you have to register the company. You need to tie-up with a distributor or wholesaler to receive, bill, stock, and dispatch medicines.

Medicine marketing without opening a marketing company

This path is followed by those who do not want to get into the hassles of opening a medicine marketing company.

Here, you are not required to take a wholesale drug license by the name of the pharma company you want to start the business.

You are supposed to choose a name for marketed by address mentioned on the product. Here, you do not need any proof, name of the firm, name of the wholesale drug license, etc.

Get the products manufactured at the third-party manufacturing unit. You can use the wholesale drug license used by a pharmaceutical distributor or wholesaler.

Pros and cons of not starting medicine marketing company


  • It is easy to start a business. You have a product range which is already established in the market.
  • It is a business model that requires less investment.
  • You have the liberty of buying quantities as per your wish.


  • Marketing rights are limited to the territory assigned to you.
  • You don’t possess any legal rights for the company or brand name. It will be the property of the company you start with.
  • You have only one area, district or territory where you have the rights to market the products. Expansion is not possible in other areas if there is already a distributor.

By taking franchise of medicine company, you can market products without opening marketing company.


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